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Semi-Permanent Brows Macclesfield


Semi-Permanent Brows


This is a detailed procedure whereby hair-like incision strokes and shading are created along with the eyebrow to enhance, re-shape and create the perfect brow, giving you no need to pencil and fill in anymore. Tiny particles of pigment are matched to your choice of colour and skin tone, then glided along a sketched outlined shape beneath the surface of the skin, much like a tattoo. This pigment will stay in the skin for 1-5 years depending on your skin type and age. The price includes a top up 4-12 weeks later to ensure full coverage.

Brow Top Up (up to 18 months)


Brow Top Up (18 months +)



Top and Bottom


Just Top Line


This treatment is an amazing way to add that delicate eye liner look, without having to add make-up every day. The lash line can look more defined making the lashes look bolder and more defined. If you are an eyeliner sort of person, this treatment is for you! Lasting around 18 months plus.

Top and Bottom Top Up (up to 18 months)


Top and Bottom Top Up (18 months+)


Top Line Top Up (up to 18 months)


Top Line Top Up (18 months+)



This treatment has been designed to enhance and define the lip line, along with adding that flush of colour. Do you dislike the natural colour of your lips? Or do you just want that complete look all the time? Lip blush will change your life if you're a lipstick / stain wearer.

Lip Blush


Lip Blush (Extra Session)


Lip Blush Top Up (Up to 18 months)


Lip Blush (18 months +)


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