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Eyebrows - The one thing you can get into shape without exercising!

I was a teenager in the 90s and I thought my mother knew nothing about anything remotely fashion oriented, so I didn’t listen to her when she repeatedly said "Stop plucking your #eyebrows so thin, you'll live to regret it. Change your hair, wear different clothes, but just don't touch your #eyebrows". Fast forward to now when I wish my #eyebrows would grow so fast (as they once did) that tweezing to keep them tidy was so frequent it was a daily chore.

When I have the pencil, the powder, and the gel out, I sigh a little as I really cannot be bothered, and god help anyone in range of me and my language should I touch my face in the day and wipe one of my #brows off, suddenly realising I am now uneven and all the effort was for nothing.

I was lucky that despite the abuse for a good 10 years, my #brows did grow out but they were not what they were (or could have been - Cara Delevingne in my mind). I suddenly wanted them thicker, I wanted to stop drawing them in, I wanted to not worry about wiping them off in meetings, I wanted to make the most of them framing my face, I wanted the moon on a stick.

I'd tried #HDBrows which was great but it still required maintenance and some DIY to get the shape and fill that I wanted. #Microblading was suggested to me as a way of getting my moon, but the connotations of (what was in my brain) tattooed eyebrows, scared me; I've seen tattooed #eyebrows and they are my worst nightmare. I am not one for attention and I don't like people noticing me so the thought of something so obvious was really not for me, but then like every good human who needs an answer I Googled it…

The search changed everything. The idea that I could have the shape I have always wanted, in a style that suits me (I like natural and fluffy, not solid and manicured), amazed me. The idea that no-one would know what I had done fascinated me. The idea of getting up in a morning not having to fight with my brows and to find them just there-done-perfectly finished led me to do it.

Don't get me wrong. I was still apprehensive... I didn't want to look in the mirror at the end and have two black blocks above my eyes, or a shape I hated, or them be the wrong colour, but I needn't have worried. It is true when they say they are up and down and then at about a month after, you're genuinely rocking it and you think it's the best thing you have ever done and you wished you'd done it years ago… and then you have the top up and it gets even better. It's the single hairs that I find amazing; I have a bit of one brow with no hair so always had to draw a line but now I have a few drawn in and you'd never know it wasn't my hair.

My husband, friends and family can't tell which bits are my hair and which is the #blading and say they look just like I always used to do them myself, and that's everything I want and need. I'm totally sold and I do wish I had done it years ago…


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