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Looking fab in my 50's!

I’ve plucked my #eyebrows since being 15 and over the years they have been various shapes and styles but have ultimately been seriously over-plucked, particularly in the middle where they were “missing” and more on one side than the other.

At 53, I decided to try #Henna #brows for a special occasion and holiday. I was quite nervous about this, but was very pleased with the result – apart from the fact I had to keep having them done!

So... Sarah suggested having semi-permanent #brows. I was intrigued but not confident enough to take the plunge straight away so we talked about it at my other appointments for a few weeks. Sarah showed me photos of other clients who'd had it done and the one that convinced me was a lady of a similar age with similar shaped #brows to me.

I had them done by Sarah at the end of October 2019 with a top up appointment at the beginning of December and... I absolutely love them!

I was soooo nervous beforehand, I was really shaking, but needn’t have worried at all.

Sarah took good care to colour-match my own #brows and then outline the shape she was going to do beforehand so I could check at each point that I was happy to go ahead.

It wasn’t painful, a little bit scratchy at worst, ​and when I looked in the mirror I couldn’t believe how great they looked - I nearly cried!

I was given a card to tell me what would happen over the next few weeks and it was all exactly as per the card. I had no soreness, just a little bit of itchiness. I was so happy with the result that when I went for my top-up appointment four weeks later I even asked Sarah to go a bit fuller and longer!

I’m so glad I went for it and am so so pleased with the result! They are really #natural looking, it’s really clever... if you look closely you can see the individual “hairs” and they are perfectly shaped for my face - I still can’t stop looking at them in the mirror! I feel like it has made me look younger and they are so easy to maintain, just plucking the hairs that grow underneath.

Every morning when I am putting my make-up on and at night when I’m taking it off, I look at them and think, yup, looking good!

I would absolutely recommend anyone who needs a bit, or a lot (!) of #brow #enhancement to just go for it!


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